Acquisition Finance / Asset Finance / Leasing / Franchise

We advise our clients with respect to acquisition finance. As far as acquired shares or related assets secure granted loans, we take into account the individual requirements of the respective transaction when setting up the security and contractual structure.

Where appropriate (or required) we advise on the syndication of such loans and its underlying documentation.

We advise national and international groups with regard to their financing, leasing and or franchise business. Relative hereto we develop and draft the required documentation in close coordination with our clients.

With respect to leasing, we primarily provide advice to leasing operators. With the in-depth knowledge acquired over the years we are, however, also well positioned to represent lessees for the negotiation of the key parameters of such contracts.

We regularly advise franchisees or franchisors with respect to the negotiation of their respective long term contractual relationship. Relative hereto, we are also in a position to analyze the economical outcome of specific stipulations, evaluate their legal and economic viability and structure and negotiate adequate alternatives.